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CCI 651: Contemporary Issues in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medical Communication and Information

Course Description:

Integrative approach to the role of communication and information in the study of STEM topics. Science, technology, engineering and medicine (or mathematics), better known as STEM, are information in these domains for facilitating discovery of ideas, collaborating between STEM researchers, and disseminating findings to those within the disciplines, as well as to the public. We begin by reviewing the history of STEM communication, then study how science is communicated between scientists in informal ways such as conversations and e-mail, then in more formal communication such as through journal articles, and then how it disseminates between researchers, across disciplines, and eventually to the public. The focus of this course will be on formal scholarly publishing, with a particular emphasis on journals, and the good and bad of formal communication of science.


CCI 620: Professional Development Seminar

Course Description:

This seminar will cover topics designed to help you progress on your journey toward attaining your PhD and becoming a successful teacher and research scholar. It will be comprised of in-class discussions as well as guest speakers. The purpose of CCI 620 is to provide guidance on how to navigate the process of PhD studies and expose you to professionally oriented topics. Because we will rely on speakers outside of the course and due to the instructor’s duties as associate dean, the course schedule and content need to remain flexible. The instructor has the expectation that students will approach this class with an open mind to the needed shifts in scheduling/content. Students are also expected to be actively involved in the various Q&As/discussions that will take place in the classroom and other settings.


INSC 590: Problems in Information Sciences: Scholarly E-Publishing in London

Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the international scholarly e-publishing industry, including journals and books publishing, and the relationship of libraries to e-scholarship.  The center piece of the course will be a two-week intensive London experience.  Planned in conjunction with Anthony Watkinson, Ciber Research Group, this course will allow students to benefit from lectures by publishing experts, visits to scholarly organizations, and attendance at The Strand Symposium on Digital Scholarship and ePublishing. University of Tennessee students will build on the London experience culminating in an individualized research paper, developed in conjunction with the UT instructor.


INSC 590: Scholarly Publishing

Course Description:

Overview of the scholarly publishing ecosystem: past, present, and future. We will cover the roles, motivations, and needs of various stakeholders, including primary publishers, secondary publishers, editors, librarians, readers, and authors and strive to understand the interdependencies among them, new players, and how scholarly publishing is changing.