INSC 460 - Internet Applications and Technologies



Introduces World Wide Web and related Internet technologies (e.g., XHTML, XML, CSS) and how they are used to solve organizational, individual, discipline-specific and social problems. Topics include the history of and the role of Internet standards in the design of information systems; metadata; principles and practices of standards-compliant, accessible Web design; informatics

INSC 590 Web Development Using Content Management Systems

This is hands on class for learning Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Students learn hosting, creating and managing their sites on a ISP server using a Content Management System. Students practice backend operations of web based websites and databases.

INSC 598 Web Design

This classes covers foundation Web Design skills, assessment, creation and testing of websites using a variety of tools for web management. HTML and CSS proficiency is expected by the end of this class.

INSC 581 (567) - Information Networking Applications

This is an advance technology course which covers a variety of tools and applications essential for information work. This class is regularly updated and revised according to recent technology trends in the information industry. HTML proficiency is expected by the end of the class.

Past Courses

Graduate Courses

  1. Information Technologies (UTK)
  2. Introduction to Digital Imaging for Information Professionals(UNT)
  3. Information, Organization and Acess (UIUC)
  4. Libraries, Information and Society(UIUC)

Undergraduate Courses for the IT Minor at UIUC

  1. Computing in the Humanities(UIUC)
  2. Social Aspects of Information Systems(UIUC)
  3. Information, Technology and Organizations(UIUC)
  4. Programming Web Mashups(UIUC)