About Team Science

About the Team Science Project


The Team Science project is a two-year program collaboration between the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences (UT-SIS) and the University of New Mexico Libraries spanning from June 2014 to May 2016 led by Drs. Suzie Allard, Carol Tenopir, and Kimberly Douglass and Ken Levine. The grant program proposes to educate six Master’s students in the area of scientific data curation with a special emphasis on Team Science. Team Science can be defined as “collaborative efforts to address a scientific challenge that leverages the expertise of professionals trained in different fields,” (NCI, 2012) and requires both scientists and information professionals to work together in interdisciplinary subject areas to maintain cross institutional approaches to data access and management.

The Team Science project will offer students a variety of coursework and hands-on research experience centered on learning to work with interdisciplinary teams. Students will receive mentoring by faculty members who have served on research teams in order to assist students in applying what they have learned in the setting of Team Science. In addition to coursework and research activities, students will travel to New Mexico in May 2014 to visit the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the University of New Mexico Libraries, and the DataONE offices.

Principal Investigators will measure the success of project outcomes by 1) recruitment of a diverse cohort of six students 2) knowledge, skills, and abilities related to Team Science gained by the students and measured by success in coursework as well as the quality of their final project and electronic portfolios. 3) positive enriching experiences in science organizations, measured by mentors’ and students’ evaluations 4) graduation with a M.S. degree in Information Science and 5) successful placement in positions that will allow students to work as part of research teams. 

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