Elections will be held in person at the March 7 meeting. Those unable to make the meeting can submit an absentee ballot to the ADPR office by 5 pm on March 10. The ballot is available at the bottom of this page. Here are the bios of those running for office:

President (returning officers only)

ReNardos Turner

Being the president of PRSSA requires one to have the utmost desire to embed success throughout the entire organization. To be given the opportunity to reciprocate the energy and investments that this organization has implanted within my life as a college student is an absolute honor and privilege. As a leader, it would be my job to make the necessary sacrifices and build the proper connections in order for the general body to obtain its ultimate goal of creating an eminent future. I possess the charisma and intellect that is required to lead this chapter to a destination beyond expectation.

Serving on the E-board has allowed me to grasp an understanding of how this organization works and what it takes for it to operate efficiently. Being the secretary has allowed me to improve in the area of professional communication. Contacting speakers and professors in a timely manner has contributed to my desire of remaining organized as it is needed to stay ahead of events and avoid any signs of confusion. I’ve been able to observe and indicate what changes can be made for the betterment of this organization.

There is one word that I can use to describe my primary aspiration for this organization. Growth. The attendance and participation has been great this year. Now, it’s time for us to elevate to another level. It’s the appropriate time for us as a chapter to display what a true representation of excellence within the College of Communications is. Because of my personal experiences of attending conferences and networking with PRSSA members from other chapters, there is no doubt in my mind that we can be one of the best chapters in our region, even nationally. I plan on incorporating volunteer activities to establish our presence as an organization both on campus and throughout the community, developing fundraising events that can contribute to the cost of conferences and expenses to raise the number of members in attendance, increase the chances of obtaining jobs and internships by forming a mentorship relationship with the Local PRSA chapter, and allowing the general body members to have a voice and stress what they would like to see and gain from this organization.

PRSSA welcomed me with open arms in a manner that has left an imprint on my life. Allow me to be a contributor as it does the same for you.

Vice President

Victoria Ogier

My name is Victoria Ogier and I am a rising Junior here at UTK. I formerly served as Vice President of Membership on the PRSSA executive board and learned so much about this organizations. As vice president I would be able to help the president with whatever he needs and help give new innovative ideas as to how we can improve our PRSSA chapter. Last year, I was able to understand, and take part in,  all the behind the scenes work which helped me fully understand each position and the organization itself. I have experience planning class meetings, speaking with professionals, and assuming various responsibilities when need be. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to run for vice president and continue my work on the executive board.

Hannah Sewell

Fellow PRSSA members, please vote for me as your vice president. Why? Because I love PR and I love being a Vol. I promise that if you vote for me, I will work extremely hard to help the chapter succeed. I am a rising senior and you've probably seen me around campus. I have bright red hair, am usually eating something and am never one to shy away from meeting people, which is a quality I think could help me as your vice president. I promise you my uttermost dedication towards helping other members with anything you may need and to always have a smile on my face. My passion for public relations and the University of Tennessee will help our chapter strive to reach bigger and better things. So please, vote for Hannah Sewell as your vice president. You won't regret it. And of course, go Vols!

Tori Knowles

I would be the best candidate for Vice President of PRSSA because I am an organized, motivated, and sociable person. I have held positions of leadership in many different situations and have successfully led groups of people. This is a trait that I can bring into a leadership position here. As a rising senior, I have been exposed to the world of Public Relations and I will further that knowledge this summer with an internship at Endicott PR. I have a strong passion for UT and this chapter of PRSSA, I already have many plans to improve our meetings. These include having more panel led discussions with a diverse group of PR practitioners from all different types of industries, what the different types of industries entail, and a meeting all about internships- what to expect, what to wear, how to nail the interview. I plan on raising our membership numbers by having more socials, speaking at all communication classes to explain the importance and benefits of joining PRSSA, and by being more active on social media to raise awareness. I want to grow our PRSSA chapter and have meetings that prepare us for our exciting future careers in Public Relations.

Public Relations Manager

Daniel Hallquist

I enjoy the opportunities that PRSSA brings to public relations students. I believe that it provides valuable opportunities to these students, and I would love to help students gain these opportunities. I am currently a senior here at UT. I also have a degree in graphic design that would help me successfully fulfil the role of Public Relations Manager. I have a lot of experience using Adobe products to create effective graphics, and some experience in website design using Dreamweaver. I know that I could use these skills to help spread the word about PRSSA and promote our events, membership, and opportunities.

Abigail Cox

Hey everyone! I'm Abigail Cox and I'm a sophomore PR major here at UT. I was so fortunate to be able to attend the ADPR trip to New York this past January and since returning my passion for public relations is stronger than ever. I love this organization and everything we are able to do together, and I would love the opportunity to serve all of you as the Public Relations Manager for next year. From doing the all of the PR for my sorority, I have learned so much about running social media accounts for an organization and what it takes to be successful with that. I'm excited to hopefully transition everything I have learned there, with what I have learned in my classes here and from the trip to NYC, as well as my own personal style, into our social media for PRSSA. I think it is so important for us to have a strong community here within our major and I believe PRSSA can help achieve this for us. Public relations is truly something I love and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization and even more to run for a leadership position.

Lauren Hood

As the Public Relations Manager I will do my best to increase not only membership in PRSSA but also involvement with current and potential members. I will make sure to effectively utilize our social media platforms and website so it is beneficial for our members. I have a lot of experience with designing graphics for both social media, websites, and print. My current internship is a Branding and Graphic Design intern for a local PR firm and I have created many promotional graphics for the Tennessee athletic department including business cards and invitations to athletic events. I am extremely organized and creative so I know that with my experience in graphic design and PR I can effectively communicate the goals of PRSSA and reach out to our members to inform them of upcoming meetings and exciting opportunities. Finally, I will uphold the standards and responsibilities given to me by PRSSA and its members.

Vice President of Membership

Loren Gilbert

I am a freshman, PR major, and first year member of PRSSA. I want to be the Vice President of Membership because I have recently went through the process of joining PRSSA, and I have a fresh perspective of what encourages someone to join and some questions that might come up during membership time. I have been a positive, hard worker in my past leadership positions which include VP of my senior class, yearbook editor, and secretary of my high school honor society. I really wanted to get involved when I first arrived on campus in the fall. Now I want to help other people become involved in PRSSA while becoming more involved in the club myself.

James Huddleston

I believe that I would be fit for the position of Vice President of Membership due to my prior experiences in professional communication. As President of the the Pellissippi State Photography Club and Secretary of the National Art Honors Society I was responsible for the organization, planning, outreach, and recruitment of new members, events, and meetings for each organization. In addition to these roles I am currently the Media Manager for Immaculate Conception Church and do outreach and media communication work for non-profit groups and other church organizations. In these roles I am responsible for all email communication, social media, and print publications created by the organizations. My ability to communicate effectively and efficiently and my willingness to meet and engage with new people would be a valuable asset as an officer in this position.

Jordan Vines

Hello, my name is Jordan Vines and I am a junior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Business Administration. Like you, I am excited to be a member of PRSSA and I strive to learn as much as I can from this organization, but I also realize the importance of giving back. I am privileged to have the opportunity to run as your Vice President of Membership and I know that I am qualified for this position based on my experiences in the business fraternity recruiting members and because of my experience as a Co-Chair of Young Americans for Freedom increasing membership and organizing events for current members. As your Vice President of Membership, I see my responsibilities as two-fold. First, I must reach out to more potential members and share the values of PRSSA to increase membership. Secondly, I will make sure that we get to know one another on a more personal level because that will strengthen our relationships, networking skills and understanding of public relations. While I agree that recruiting is important, I want to make our members a cohesive, impactful group. By holding events for team building and socializing, I believe that we can develop a thriving organization, create meaningful relationships and hold one another to the highest ethical and academic standards which will serve us now and beyond our time at the University of Tennessee. I will work with the other officers to schedule these types of events throughout the semester. Again, my name is Jordan Vines and I thank you for your vote!


Alexis Allgood

Hey everyone! My name is Lexie Allgood and I am a Junior in the PR major. I'm thrilled to be a part of PRSSA and have the opportunity to run for a leadership position within the organization. I believe myself to be a great fit for the Secretary because I am an incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and involved member of UTs campus. I am currently involved in four different organizations on and off campus and believe that I could put forth the necessary effort, time, and talents to be the best secretary possible. PRSSA is a vital tool that PR majors have been lucky enough to utilize and I believe that I will be a positive attribute and can help continue and better the PRSSA efforts and actions.

Jessica Kaplan

My name is Jessica Kaplan, and I am a rising Junior running for the Secretary position. I think if given the opportunity, I could be a valuable asset to the PRSSA team. I currently hold an internship as the Analytical Marketing Intern, where the majority of my work relates to scheduling, emailing, and contacting our clients. Through this internship, I have become comfortable socializing with executives and specialists in a professional manner.  I have amble experience working on a team, and would make sure to prioritize PRSSA. Being a transfer student, I also have had the opportunity to be in a different Communication based club, and can feed ideas from there. I would love to be granted the opportunity to further my knowledge of Public Relations through PRSSA. Thank you for your consideration.


Millie Hicks

I would be honored to serve as PRSSA’s 2017-2018 Treasurer. My outstanding organization, responsibility and communication skills would allow me to successfully fulfill this position and I would work my hardest in order to ensure all the financial aspects of PRSSA are orderly, efficient and assuredly in good hands. My internship experience as well as leadership in various UT activities has given me valuable knowledge and background that would make me a great fit for this position. I really love PRSSA and would love to see it grow even more. I have many ideas of ways we can improve PRSSA such as adding more social events, having recent UT grads come and speak, and creating more connection opportunities between Knoxville PR professionals and PRSSA members. I would love for the members to get a lot out of this organization and it would be a pleasure to lead and serve my fellow members of PRSSA as Treasurer.

Kelsi Swift

As Treasurer, I will do my best to increase membership and actively communicate the goals of PRSSA to its members.  I will plan and organize meetings that interest PRSSA members. As a PRSSA officer I will make sure that meetings are held on different days of the week so that more members can attend them.  I am extremely organized and I know that I will be able to uphold the responsibilities asked of me as PRSA Treasurer.  If I am elected Treasurer, myself and the other officers will work as team to increase membership and organize interesting and helpful events for all PRSSA members.

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