ringMark Littmann is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Tennessee, where he holds the Julia G. & Alfred G. Hill Chair of Excellence in Science, Technology, and Medical Writing.

Dr. Littmann directs the Science Communication Program and teaches science writing and other courses for the School of Journalism. He also teaches astronomy for the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

He received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and literature at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master of arts degree in creative writing at Hollins College, and a doctorate in English at Northwestern University.

Dr. Littmann's most recent books are The Heavens on Fire: The Great Leonid Meteor Storms (1998, 1999), Totality: Eclipses of the Sun (2nd edition, with Ken Willcox and Fred Espenak, 1999; 1st edition, with Ken Willcox, 1991), Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System (1988, 1990), and Comet Halley: Once in a Lifetime (with Donald K. Yeomans, 1985, 1986). Planets Beyond won the Science Writing Award of the American Institute of Physics. Comet Halley won the Elliott Montroll Special Award of the New York Academy of Sciences. Both were also chosen by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific as Astronomy Books of the Year.

Before joining the University of Tennessee faculty in 1991, Dr. Littmann taught astronomy at Loyola College in Baltimore, astronomy and literature at the University of Utah and Westminster College in Salt Lake City, and literature and writing at Northwestern University.