Project Outcome

MarketThe outcomes drawn from this project’s objectives address the critical needs to create GIL courses in LIS programs, to increase the number of GIS-skilled librarians to meet burgeoning demand for geospatial services and literacy,  to validate GIL core competencies, and to increase GIS research in LIS. The outcomes include:

 Outcome 1. Two online courses specifically developed and delivered from this project will equip future Geographic Information Librarians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to locate, retrieve, analyze, and use geospatial data in this growing area;

 Outcome 2. A competitive application process will result in ten of the brightest and most promising students (five at each institution) receiving tuition and fees to take the GIL courses in exchange for becoming transformative leaders in this burgeoning domain of the library and archives workforce;

 Outcome 3. A survey validation study model will give the field a robust approach to infuse knowledge, skills, and abilities from real-world library practice into LIS curricula, giving LIS the bridge between research and practice; and

 Outcome 4. A plethora of groundbreaking GIL research will lay the foundation for the continued and growing role of the library and archives workforce in the facilitation of geospatial data management, which empowers our national economy, renews our infrastructure, and protects our environment.

 The intended audience for the project is both LIS educators and LIS students.