Dr. Dania M. Bilal is a Professor of information sciences. She has been teaching at the School of Information Sciences (SIS) since August 1997. She teaches courses in information access and retrieval, human-computer interaction, Web mining and analytics, information systems design and implementation, and research methods. She publishes research on information behavior with a focus on children's information seeking in web search engines and digital libraries, and the design of these interfaces from children's perspectives in multicultural contexts. Dr. Bilal's research has explored children's information seeking and success on varied tasks pursued in web search engines, children's conceptual structures of taxonomies in web directories; information retrieval (IR) and evaluation performance of search engines, usability assessment of interfaces for children, and readability of web text. Dr. Bilal's most recent publications have focused on relevance ranking and information retrieval by Google, Bing, and Yahoo; and evaluation of the readability of text retrieved by these engines. Dr. Bilal's publications have appeared in top peer-reviewed scholarly venues.

Dr. Bilal is one of the top 1% most cited authors worldwide in her area of research. In 2011, Dr. Bilal's "classic" journal article, Children's use of the Yahooligans! Web search engine. I. Cognitive, physical, and affective behaviors on fact-based tasks, published in the Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 51 (7), 646-665, was the second most cited article throughout 2010 in that journal. Dr. Bilal's co-edited book titledInformation and Emotion: The Emergent Affective Paradigm in Information Behavior Research and Theory (Information Today, Inc.) was awarded the ASIS&T SIG USE Book-of-the-Year Award in 2008. Dr. Bilal is also the recipient of national and university/college awards for teaching excellence and outstanding research.   

Dr. Bilal's latest publications include two books in 2014, one is titled: Library Automation: Core Concepts and Practical Systems Analysis. Published in March 2014 by Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO; one is titled: New Directions in Children's and Adolescents' Information Behavior Research. Emerald Group Publishing. She has also published a book chapter in 2014 and an article in IFLA 2015 Proceedings.