523 Abstracting and Indexing

Philosophies, standards, and procedures for manual and automatic document indexing, back-of-the-book indexing, vocabulary control, thesaurus construction, and abstracting.
3 Graduate Hours.

523 Syllabus

IS537: Information Industry

Issues and trends concerning information industry: products and services. Standards, enabling technologies, choice of distribution media, entrepreneurial opportunities. Legal, ethical, and quality concerns.
3 Graduate Hours.

537 Syllabus

535 Advanced Information Retrieval

Bibliographic, non-bibliographic, full-text databases, e.g., non-bibliographic formula and structure databases, contents-page/full-text databases, patents; document delivery alternatives, evaluation, and testing.
3 Graduate Hours. 

535 Syllabus

530 Information Access and Retrieval

Media for information storage, logical, and physical information structures, query logic and languages, search strategies and heuristics, user interfaces, evaluation of retrival system performance. Search techniques for various types of databases including multi-media, full-text, numeric, bibliographic.
Core Course, 3 Graduate Hours

530 Syllabus