INSC 590: Scholarly Publishing



INSC 590: Scholarly Publishing is an overview of the scholarly publishing ecosystem, past, present, and future. We will cover the roles, motivations, and needs of various stakeholders, including primary publishers, secondary publishers, editors, librarians, readers, and authors and strive to understand the interdependencies among them, new players, and how scholarly publishing is changing.

INSC 594: Graduate Research Participation

INSC 594: Graduate Research Participation provides students who share research interests with Dr. Tenopir the opportunity to participate in advanced research techniques under her supervision. Students wishing to take this course must consult with and document the consent of both their academic advisor and Dr. Tenopir using the Graduate Research Participation Approval Form (see link). This formal approval is prerequisite to registration.

INSC 594 may be repeated up to a maximum 6 hours, and is only graded as Satisfactory/No Credit.

INSC 680: Information Science Theory

Survey of major theories and studies in information science (3). Intensive study of theories and theoretical frameworks of library and information science, including the definitions of information, information sciences, and information technology. Focus on the intersection of theory and information representation, retrieval, and transfer; theories of human information seeking behavior; bibliometrics and infometrics; exploration of relationships with theories and theoretical frameworks of other disciplines.