Agricultural Resources -- Agencies, programs, and organizations focused on agricultural and related issues, such as farming, farms, local food, and food systems as well as state extension offices.

Diversity Resources -- Organizations, agencies, and groups with work centered on issues related to diversity and social justice in the Southern and Central Appalachian region.

Economic Resources -- Organizations and programs providing assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners, including regional and state business and economic development offices.

Education Resources -- Networks and projects related to educational issues, college and university centers for regional studies, and state departments of education.

Environmental Resources -- State departments of environmental health and protection in addition to environmental advocacy groups and organizations with work centered in the Southern and Central Appalachian region.

Health Resources -- State offices of rural health and organizations and agencies focused on health and wellness issues in the Southern and Central Appalachian region. 

Information Technology Resources -- Organizations, groups, and agencies involved in promotion, education, and advocacy related to rural information technology issues.

Law and Justice Resources -- Advocacy and legal services organizations and agencies in addition to state supreme courts and other criminal justice information resources.

Library Resources -- Rural library resources, state library associations, and state library websites.

Manufacturing Resources -- State manufacturer associations as well as organizations and agencies with work centered around manufacturing and regional workforce development.

Public Policy Resources -- Organizations, agencies, and centers for public policy research and related work.

Youth Resources -- Groups, agencies, and organizations focused on issues and advocacy related to children, teens, and young adults.